Unique, Colorful and Exquisite Art of O

About Venzi

VENZI is the subliminal ambassador to the small and creative artistic painters of Venezuela.

Notable Venezuelan artists include Arturo Michelena, Crist?bal Rojas, Armando Rever?n, Manuel Cabr?, the kinetic artists Jes?s-Rafael Soto and Carlos Cruz-Diez, the Meta-realism artist Pajaro and Yucef Merhi.

VENZI, meaning the "small artist of Venezuela" aims to conquer the world with the exquisite and naive colorful paintings of the small Venezuelan artists. By buying the VENZI paintings, you are supporting these small painters.

History of Venezuela

Venezuela, named the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela since 1999, is located on the northern coast of South America.

Venezuela's heritage, art, and culturehave been heavily influenced by the Caribbean context. These elements extend to its historic buildings, architecture, art, landscape, boundaries, and monuments. Venezuelan culture has been shaped by Indigenous, Spanish and African influences.

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